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Types of German Universities

Universities "Universität" and
Technical University "Technische Hochschule"

These forms of universities are traditional ones.There are 107 universities and TU with 1,7 Million students.

Universities of Applied Sciences "Fachhochschulen"

Universities of Applied Sciences are referred to as Fachhochschulen (FHs) in Germany. There are 276 universities of applied science with 930 thousand students.

Art, film and music colleges "Kunst-, Film- und Musikhochschulen"

Admission to those colleges is difficult and limited seats are available. There are 52 Kunst-, Film- und Musikhochschulen with 35 thousand students.

Private Universties "private Universitäten"

Students should depict whether private universities are accredited by the state. There are 125 private universties with 24,6 thousand students

Requirements for Applying to German Universities

Visa Requirements


Proof of financial resources
Open an account with 10,336 EUR.
- Open a Blocked Account


Proof of previous study
School certificate and university certificate if available.


Proof of German language skills or plans to take a language course in Germany.


Proof of German University confirmation letter.

Life Costs in Germany

270€ - 390€
There are 2 types of accommodation in Germany for Students. The economical option consisting of students union hall, and the expensive which is the private.

Health Insurance
28€ - 35€ : while studying the German language for public insurance when you begin sudying in unversity :111€
For private insurance: 69€


Telephone and Internet
40€ - 60€

Purchasing a German SIM card and calling friends is inexpensive. You can either sign a contract or purchase a prepaid card. But for a landline you should sign a contract with a company

100€ - 150€

Food in Germany is not expensive, but you should plan your budget. Your budget will serve you if you are not a high meat consumer or eating outdoors.


Transportation and Others
50€ - 150€

Transportation is available all over Germany. With your Semesterticket you can use transportation for free in certain regions, which will help you save money.

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