WTG consulting, a business and educational consulting between the Arab world and Germany. Study in Germany, Work in Germany, Start a business in Germany.
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Study in Germany
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WTG Services

Study in


Translation, legitimation, evaluation, university admissions, registration in German courses, opening bank account, visa services


Translation, legitimation, evaluation, 10-20 university

studienkolleg, support in registration at entrance exam and German courses, visa services 

Business in


WTG offers you the chance to open a business in Germany. Through our German business experience we will help you in every step of your way.

Start in


After acquiring the visa, WTG provides a pick-up service from the airport and will find and reserve an accommodation

Work in


Translation, legitimation, evaluation, employment contract, coaching for interview,  teaching German, visa services



Offering you all the needed documents, translation, legitimation, following up with your file


Translation, legitimation, evaluation, companies acceptance, registration in German courses, opening bank account, visa services



Translation, legitimation, work permit, approbation, finding correct language school, CV, motivation letter, opening a bank account, visa services,

applying for Gästarzt



Offering you all the needed documents, translation, legitimation, booking an appointment at standesamt

Learn German


Offering German for universities, nursing, medicine, business, grammar courses, and private lessons


WTG offers you the chance to practice your freelancing projects in Germany.

Visa Support

WTG will support you in getting several types of visas. Student visa, work visa, Schengen visa, etc...

Why WTG 

WTG is your guide to Germany


WTG will do multiple meetings to explain and suggest the best way that the student will pass through the way to Germany. After organizing the plan, WTG office will follow up with the student through all the stages of securing the university acceptance and submitting the visa application, after making all the required approvals from the official government departments. Therefore, the student will not make any effort during all stages to travel to Germany. Even after obtaining a visa, the WTG office remains to assist the student in Germany in case he needs any advice.

WTG is your ideal choice

WTG Team is extremely professional, experienced and has all the skills to help you reach your goals and study or work in Germany.

WTG academy as a branch of WTG Consulting provides a very informative and friendly educational environment to build for you a strong base in the German language. Where you will meet highly qualified instructors

WTG is more a family than a company

WTG is a family enterprise so that you do not feel like dealing with it because it has an interest with you as much as they have the goal of reaching the desired goal together.

WTG also secure a very ethical and trustworthy experience with their clients. Moreover, WTG Team is characterized by a very effective and smooth way of communication.

WTG make stones seem like sponges

Students have fears and many questions about the required documents. WTG will organize the storm of documents into a single file. WTG has the ideology in dealing with situations in professionalism and high quality service to achieve your dream of studying or working in Germany.


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