Blocked account in Germany through WTG

Blocked account: Who needs one and why? 

Every person who comes to Germany from abroad, e.g. to study, work or attend language school etc., often needs a blocked account as financial security for their visa or residence permit. This shows that you have sufficient financial means for your stay in Germany.

WTG Consulting has been working with Fintiba and Care Concept for years to open blocked accounts.

Provider: Care Concept Fintiba
Account type: Blocked account Blocked account
Bank: VietinBank Sutor Bank
Account opening: Online Online
Duration: 48 hours 48 hours
Initial fees: 50 Euro 89 Euro
Monthly fees: 4,90 Euro 4,90 Euro
Everything from a single source: Yes: Blocked and current
account with one bank
Free current account: Yes Not known
Fees if the visa is rejected: 20 euros More than 20 Euro
Free payment with your EC card: 10 Euro per year Not known
Withdraw money from supermarkets
free of charge:
Yes Not known

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