Why Germany?

Why Germany as a study destination?


Top Ranked Universities

- 6 in top 100
- 18 in top 200
- 50 in top 500
- Quality of education and continuous progression

Globally Recognized Study Programs

- Modern structure and facilitation in delivering information to students - Meet up with the most progresses scientific development
- Their curriculum is subject to constant provision

Low or no Tuition Fees

- The attendance of a public university is free from tuition fees
- Few administrative costs like student contribution, student union fee, and a public transport ticket are charged

Countless Degree Courses

- Germany has invested a lot in engineering universities
- The list of conventional courses is rapidly extending as new study disciplines emerge in response to cutting-edge scientific advancement.

Costs and Work

Ability of affording things

- Need around 850€ to meet fundamental living expenses
- Major financial concern is rent, but our team can easily help you tackle this problem
- Costs of goods and services are not so high

Work Opportunity

- Work permit for 120 full days or 240 half days
- Possessing a qualification is not required
- Beneficial in increasing your future recruitment


Cultural and Historical Heritage

- Major player through vital spots of humankind’s history
- Long and rich history
- Scientific movements that supported the building of today's education

Diverse Community

- German citizens live in peace with foreigners
- Encountering a community with worldwide nationalities

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