Freshman year in Germany


Studienkolleg or freshmen year prepares applicants with a school-leaving certificate from abroad to study in Germany. But these school-leaving certificates do not have a university entrance qualification in Germany. Studienkolleg consist of two academic semesters or a full academic year. Many reasons play a role in missing the university entrance qualification, such as, school system, teaching contents, duration of school attendance. These stated above may be different from those in Germany. Official Studienkollegs are usually tuition-free and their degree is usually valid to study anywhere in Germany.

Official Studienkolleg

Private Studienkolleg

How to Apply?

Translation of certificates  and legitimation at the German Embassy.

Having B1 Certificate in German language and legalized from the German Embassy.

You should choose the major you want study in order to choose your desired program.

Search for universities to apply for studienkolleg and check whether the application is direct.

Apply for Studienkolleg and fill the application with the need information and pay the required fees.

After translating and legalizing the needed documents, send your file to Germany.

Our Services

1 Support in preparing the correct documents:

After studying you file, we consult you about all the required documents to do freshmen year and we will get all these documents without you to do any effort.

2 Translation and legitimation:

Not to face problem with the German embassy we deal with sworn translators in order to translate the documents to German and legalize them from the German Embassy.

3 Certificate evaluation inclusive uni-assist:

We will evaluate your certificate to suit the German qualifications.

4 Plan and support in following it:

We will plan your way to study in Germany and support you in implementing this plan at the time.

5 Applying to more than 10 – 20 universities:

We will search for the suitable universities and apply to more than 20 universities.

6 Guaranteed invitation to entrance exams:

We will help you in applying to do the entrance exam and don’t be confused you will 100% get the invitation.

7 Support in registration at German courses:

We provide you the qualified German language courses with extra private courses if you face any weakness in German language.

8 DHL Post all over the world + Legitimated copies:

After preparing you file with all the required documents translated and legalized, we will send this file to Germany by DHL. Making more than 20 legitimated copies.

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